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Nokia Home


Nokia Home

Your personal smart assistant

This project was done as a two week vision project at Nokia design in Helsinki to envision the next step of Smart devices in the household and how they could help improve peoples daily live.



2 weeks



Vision project





Project outline

Nokia Home is the result of a 2 week, individual design sprint at Nokia design Finland during the fall of 2018.

My personal goal in this project was to further develop conceptualising, 3D modelling (Rhino), design research, branding, rendering skills


Smart devices are there to give us control of our daily lives and enable us to improve. But with the overwhelming amount of information and different devices and apps screaming for our attention, it can be difficult to keep track of your improvements. What if we could design a new way for the user to communicate with their devices and filter and provide the information in a way tailored for each individual.


The result of this is Nokia Home, a smart assistant which can monitor, collect and connect data and independently can inform people. By providing relevant and actionable information it helps to make conscious decisions as a personal assistant.



Provide a tool that empowers people to make conscious and educated decisions that have a long term positive impact on their daily lives.


Rethinking the system

The problem with most smart devices is that they only provide very specific information that is difficult to understand for the average user. By gathering all the data from the used smart devices and sharing that with the cloud, Nokia home can provide a holistic overview of relevant and actionable data with suggestions of the steps they should take to get towards their desired goal, to make conscious and educated decisions.


Meet Nokia Home

Nokia Home is the smart assistant which can monitor, collect and connect data throughout the day. A solution that will blend in your life as an extension rather than a distraction. Through reliable assistance, it informs people in their daily lives.


Non intrusive

Nokia Home comes with integrated sonars which enable it to locate and monitor the user. Together with the information collected by other solutions such as wearables and smart scales it will give you personalised feedback throughout the day. This is done in the least intrusive way to protect the individuals privacy.


Posture & focus

Bad posture is one of the main causes of work related injuries. By analysing how the user is sitting behind their desk and how they are focussed (activity) Home can warn users in time and let them take a break.

Sleeping patterns

Nokia Home provides an in-depth look at your nights by monitoring sleep cycles, tracking heart rate and detecting snoring. Through the use of analysing all other smart devices through the cloud service, Home can provide a coaching program to help reduce fatigue & improve health.

Nutritional coach

Because Nokia Home gets the information about how active you have been throughout the day (smart watch, smartphone). It can make suggestions in line with your dietary preferences to optimize your nutrition intake.


integrated touch interface

The top part of the home assistant can be used for secondary interfaces such as increasing and decreasing volume, all other interactions are done through voice commands or the app.

Respecting your privacy

You can mute the speaker manually by pressing the interface inwards. This will put the speaker in standby, meaning that it will not disturb the user, or collect data.


Truly wireless

The smart assistant is a wireless solution and can move with you throughout the day. Just remove it from the wireless charging dock and it can monitor you up to 6 hours before a new charge is needed. When the device is returned to the charging station a LED will start to shine, communicating the charging status.