Series X drill



Powertools designed for the household.

Drill is a vision of how power-tools can be optimised for use inside the household.


Project outline

Series X is a personal project made in 2018 about how power-tools could be designed to fit within the household. It has no connection to any brand.

My personal goal in this project was to further develop conceptualising, 3D modelling (Rhino), design research, engineering and rendering skills


Power tools nowadays are designed as big and bulky masculine machines. The result of this is that the products are are not inviting for use in clean environments, and people who don’t often use power tools can feel insecure and scared when having to handle them. Whereas the drill is a tool that is commonly used in the household, wether it is to assembly/repair furniture or drill a hole in the wall to hang a painting. What would happen if we would design power-tools to fit within the household?


The result of this is Series X drill. A power tool designed with the chores around the household in mind. The drill has an extendable front which enables users to measure how deep they drill a hole, and ensures they will always drill straight. Furthermore accessories can be mounted such as a vacuum unit which will collect the drill dust.



Currently drills are designed as big masculin powertools, whilst one of the places the drill is used most is in the household. What if the drill could be designed to feel less intimidating and become a true household appliance?


Always go straight

The Philips series X is a small hand-held screwdriver, that identifies itself the most through the extendable front. This front piece ensures that you will always drill straight and can measure how deep you are drilling. The front piece can also be used to mount different accessories on to extend the functionality of the drill in new situations.



The drill interface has been simplified as much as possible showing only one switch to choose gear (left, standby or right) and a LED light interface to show how fully charged the battery is. Below the front piece a ruler is visible to use as a measuring tool for the depth of how deep the user is drilling.


Collecting dust

One of the biggest issues people face when drilling a hole in the house is to collect all the dust and debris afterwards. By using the extendable front piece as a mounting area, we are able to place a removable module with an integrated fan blade. This fan will position itself around the drill by placing two pins in its grooves, after which it will rotate in the same direction as the drill. This will create a movement of air that sucks and collects the dust into the front chamber.


Charging station

To truly make the product fit within the household the charging dock needed to be redesigned as well. So it no longer looks as a big and bulky adapter but as a clean charging station. The drill is charged via two pogo pins which are mounted on the bottom of the drill and the back of the charging station, and an integrated LED will communicate its status. Furthermore at the bottom of the unit there is a cavity which can be used for cable management.